Whole House Stereo/Home Theater

A whole house stereo system provides music throughout your home and may be audio sourced, which allows different music sources to each room. Centralized stereo systems can be managed in each room with volume controls or designer A-Bus controllers. Our installers ensure that your speakers are properly placed in order to provide the flow of music from room to room.

The home theater room is the one true area that has its own self-contained stereo and lighting control system to give you the feeling of being at the movies. From Plasma’s, overhead projection, or large screen televisions, the audio and video system should be designed to engulf the home owner and provide a complete sensory experience. Correct speaker location and design are a must, whether you are an audiophile expert or the average listener. All components must offer the correct balance of power, clarity, and decor.

Telephone Systems

Residential telephone systems are becoming a standard feature of the total home control. Each system offers room to room or whole house communication. Telephone systems can be integrated into your security, lighting, and temperature controls with the telephone acting as a keypad control.

Structured Cabling

Wiring your home for the future offers resale value as well as the opportunity for total, in-home control. With all home wiring brought back in a single location, the flexibility offers video, audio, Ethernet, telephones, security, temperature and lighting controls to complete the comfort everyone enjoys.

Central Vacuum Systems

Quiet, powerful, and improved air quality are some of the main features. HEPA filtration along with a light-weight hose that goes from room to room offers the convenience every home owner is longing for. Central vacuum systems are up to five times as powerful as standard vacuum cleaners, providing better cleaning ability.

Intercom/Home Communication Systems

Intercom systems add security and entertainment to every home. These communication systems add security when answering your doors as well as the ability to monitor children’s rooms. Each system provides room to room communication and music throughout your home.

Lighting Controls

Adding to the overall convenience everyone is looking for, your lights can become an important part of your security system. Lights can be timed for different events or actions as you move about your home or can be remote controlled as you turn into your driveway; with structured wiring and proper controls, every home can become a smart home.

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